Privacy policy

In this privacy policy, Foodwest’s handling of personal data will be detailed for the information we register and control.

Data controller:

Foodwest Oy

Kärryväylä 4

Data protection contact:

Juuli Seppälä

040 707 6013

What kind of information do we collect and for what purposes?

The kind of information we collect about you depends on your relationship with us. Often, you will either be an employee or job applicant, customer, opinion poll or market research participant, newsletter subscriber or marketing list member. It is naturally possible that you have several roles that apply to you. You will always find further details regarding the handling of your data under the role you are trying to find information on.

Information relating to job applications and recruitment, such as name, address, other contact information, date of birth, CV information, desired wage, information relating to interviews and tests, possible other information given by the applicant themselves as well as information relating to application processing and status.


You provide the collected information. We may contact the referees, educational institutions or previous employers given in the application to confirm the validity of the information you have provided.


In addition to the employment contract, the operations involve statutory obligations, according to which we will handle your personal information. Such obligations are set by, for example, labour laws, legislation on arranging occupational health care, annual holiday legislation and legislation regarding the private security industry.


The reason for collecting information is to possibly form an employment relationship. If no employment relationship is formed, in principle we will retain your information for one year or possibly for the duration you have agreed for us to retain information for future job openings. Personal information related to specific selections may be retained for up to two years.


Handling the personal information of our employees is explained in more detail in the company operation manual.

Identification and communications require you to provide at least your email address and name. We may also have an address, phone number, company information, job description and other information you may have provided.


Information is mainly collected from you yourself in a customer service situation, or you can also provide it through conversation, in an online form or by email.


Information is also collected from public sources, such as company websites and registers. For information collection, the YTJ and PRH registers used to validate the signer’s authority to sign a contract are some of the registers we use.


This information is either used for communications or to provide or produce services for our clients. The reason for information collection is always either a contract or measures directly linked to forming a contract.


In addition to the employment contract, the operations involve statutory obligations, according to which we handle personal information. An example of such obligations is accounting legislation.


Personal information is retained for the duration of the contract period or for two years after the expiration of the contract, for handling possible complaints or requests for corrections, unless the legislation, such as accounting legislation, mandates otherwise.

Information related to identification and research, such as name and year of birth, email address, phone number, economic status, and habits related to food product use


The information is collected from the registered person themselves in conjunction with the study. The personal information is not used for direct marketing or divulged to third-parties.


The handling of information is based on consent. You can cancel your consent by contacting us by email at

Identification and communications require you to provide at least your email address and name. We may also have an address, phone number, company information, job description and other information you may have provided


The information is collected either from you or from public sources. We collect information from you by means of conversation, an online form, chat or email, for example.


Public sources include company websites and information published in company registers or the media (newspapers, online publications), among others. We may also buy information from organisations conducting market research, to which you have given your information for this purpose.


The information is handled based on our legitimate interest. Our legitimate interest is conducting our business and implementing direct marketing to make it possible. We have performed a balancing test regarding legitimate interest as a reason for handling personal information, which resulted in the conclusion that there were no unreasonable consequences for the registered persons. You can object to our handling of your information at any point in time. Additional information about the balancing test.


Your information will also be handled based on your consent, for example, when you subscribe to our newsletter. The information is handled for the duration of your consent. You can cancel your consent at any point in time, either directly through the link provided in the marketing messages or by contacting us through any other possible platform.

Information related to identification and communications, such as your email address and name. Your company information, job description and other information you may have provided us with will be collected from project/event participants.


The information is collected either from you or from public sources. We collect information from you by means of conversation, an online form, chat or email, for example.


Foodwest uses the information you have provided only in arranging events. Your information will be handled with confidentiality and will not be divulged to third-parties. Education information will be stored in the funder’s information system and retained for 10 years in case of an inspection by the EU commission.

Information related to website use: cookies, IP address, device information and customer ID.


Website visitor analytics are composed of the registered person’s activities during their visit to the website. You can block cookies and still find all the information on our website that you would find otherwise. However, not all functions on our website may work as intended.


Our website uses cookies for the following purposes:


Visitor analytics (Google Analytics etc.)


Saving user settings (such as language choices)


Our online service uses community-related functions, such as Facebook info screens, the information for which comes directly from Facebook. Google also uses some of the information collected on our website for targeted marketing and during the use of its own services. They are the data controller for the information in question. You can read more about Google’s privacy policy at:


We do not divulge any of the information you have sent through our website to any third-parties.


For visitor analytics, information on the user’s data terminal, IP address, and used software, along with the version, is collected. Through this information, we are able to differentiate and count visitors on our website, and to see what kind of information they are looking for on the website and how the web services are used. The goal is to compile statistics on the number of website visitors anonymously, to assess how different marketing campaigns affect the numbers, for example. At the same time, we gain insight on what people usually look for on our website, and based on that information, we can develop the structure of our website so that users can easily find what they are looking for.


In addition to the settings the user has selected, cookies include information on what language the user wants to use to navigate our website, among other things. The user may save other preferences for the website in the same cookies. This way, the user will have the correct default language setting when they visit the website the next time.


We retain the information for 26 months.


Further information on website advertising can be found on the Your Online Choices website, for example.


You can delete the cookies in your browser using the browser settings. If you do not want to use cookies, you may not be able to fully utilise all of the functions on the website, but all of our services will still be operational to some extent.


You can find links on removing cookies for different browsers below:


Information related to identification and communications, such as your name, email address, phone number and age. Information related to the competition in question will be collected from competition participants, as detailed in the rules of the competition.


You provide the collected information through an online form. Foodwest uses the information you have provided only for the purpose of the competition. Your information will be handled with confidentiality and will not be divulged to any third-parties. Your information will only be retained for duration of the competition, after which the information will be deleted.


Your rights and how to exercise them


In regular customer service situations, such as communication and billing information updates and billing enquiries, you can contact by email


For more extensive information requests, contact our data protection representative (contact details at the start of the policy). As a rule, you can exercise your rights free of charge once per year. If one person leaves more than one request per calendar year, an administrative fee will be added to the request, depending on the extent of the request, for which you will receive an estimate beforehand.


You have the following rights:

You have the right to acquaint yourself with the personal information that Foodwest Oy has saved about you and controls. You can get a copy of the information if you wish. The right to access the information may, however, be limited due to legislation and the privacy protection of other individuals. For example, divulging emails always requires the consent of both communicating parties.

You have to right to request corrections to incorrect or incomplete information. An exception to this may be a situation in which previously delivered information may be relevant to the contract or its delivery. In this case, we may not necessarily replace the old information; instead, we may add new information alongside the old information.

You have the right to request deletion of your information. For example, information may be deleted in the following cases:

  • You cancel your consent for the handling of your information (e.g. newsletter subscription) and there is no other basis for handling the information
  • You object to us handling the information and there is no other reason for continuing to handle the information, for example, for marketing communications


Personal information to which we have no legal right and which is no longer needed will be deleted even without your request.

You have the right to limit the handling of your personal information, for example, in situations where you suspect the legality of handling your personal information or you have objected to us handling your personal information, but the clearing process has not yet been concluded.

You have the right to object to us handling your information in a situation in which the information is handled based on consent (e.g. newsletter or job application) or legitimate interest (e.g. direct marketing).

The right to transfer information from one system to another does not apply to professional contact information handled in business relations between companies where the handling is not based on the registered person’s consent or a contract to which they are a party. We do not automatically transfer your personal information anywhere (even if requested). Every case is individual, and manual transfer must be used to ensure the safety of all parties.


However, you have the right to receive the information you have provided in a mechanically readable format. The right applies to personal information that has been automatically processed in relation to a contract or consent.

You have the right to cancel your consent at any point in time without it affecting the legality of the handling preceding it. Cancelling your consent does not put you in an unequal position with regard to the use of other services we provide, and you will not forfeit any of your rights compared to others.

You have the right to make a complaint to the supervisory authorities if you suspect that your personal information is being used inappropriately or illegally. However, we hope that you will always contact us first, so that we can try to sort things out before they become a problem. Contact information can be found at the start of this policy.

Office of the data protection authority

Address: Ratapihantie 9, 6. krs, 00520 Helsinki

Postal address: PL 800, 00521 Helsinki

PBX: 029 56 66700

Fax: 029 56 66735


Transfer of personal information to other countries

Our information will not be merged with other registers and will not be divulged to third-parties, unless legislation mandates it.

Privacy policy updates

Our privacy policy may be updated. Any changes will be posted on this page. Changes mandated by decrees and other significant changes will also be reported through other channels, such as by email.

Where can I get additional information?

If any of your questions have not been answered or if you require further details, please feel free to contact us!


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