Having a product is not enough. You also need a story that inspires interest, tempting packaging, and appropriate package labelling.

We will help you define the product’s story and brand, plan packaging design and marketing communications and perform a post-launch brand analysis. The production process, the product itself and the product family will be continuously developed post-launch, too.

Foodwest Oy prepares and inspects packaging labels to ensure that the labelling meets the valid national and EU legal requirements.


  • Checking of mandatory package labelling on the basis of ready-made package layouts.
  • Preparation of package labelling based on the recipe.
  • Translations of package labelling.
  • Calculation of nutritional values.
  • Evaluations of the terms of using nutritional and health claims.
  • Consulting regarding package labelling.


Foodwest Oy saves and updates product information in Synkka and supports the customer in all Synkka-related matters.


  • Saving new product information.
  • Updating existing product information.
  • Adding product images in Synkka.
  • Consulting regarding saving in Synkka.
  • Synkka training.

Contact us and we can find ways to help you together!

Package labelling and legislation service ready to help you at: pakkausmerkinnat@foodwest.fi


You can find the Synkka service at: tuotetieto@foodwest.fi

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