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Foodwest has its own nutrition team to help your company in all matters related to nutrition. Our nutrition experts will help your company find solutions for nutritional questions. We produce nutrition-related content and plan and implement nutrition training and lectures.

Calculation of nutritional values. Nutrition fact labelling always provides the values required by legislation (energy kJ/kcal, fat and saturated fat, carbohydrates and sugars, protein, salt). Where necessary, the nutritional calculations can include other values, such as lactose and dietary fibre. Evaluations of the terms of using nutritional and health claims.

The services of our nutrition team include: 


  • Nutrition training and lectures for customer events and personnel
  • Nutrition expert support for recipe planning, implementation and analysis. We can help in recipe design and analysis for different target groups (elderly, children, students, special diets, etc.) or Heart Symbol certified foods, for example
  • Nutrition expert support for consumer service in the form of responding to nutrition-related questions
  • Nutrition-related content for materials (brochures, product catalogues, handouts or newsletters, sales support material) and communication channels (websites, Facebook, Instagram, blog texts)
  • Making use of nutritional and health claims
  • Nutrition experts for convention stands
  • Nutritional statements for specific, special needs


Feel free to contact our nutrition team so we can plan together how to develop nutrition-related matters for your company.

Tuomas Kärki

Account Manager

Sales and Marketing, Commercialisation
040 175 0259

Nutrition team

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