We take inspiration from new ideas,
kickstarting development of something new.

Foodwest offers a comprehensive range of services for the Food Service sector, wholesalers and the food industry. We can provide premium quality service all the way from conceptualisation to different development services and the end product, also operating as a contract manufacturer.

Food Servicen -palveluihin kuuluvat: 


  • Idea workshops
    • conceptualisation of new products, product lines, concepts and campaigns
  • Product development specialist services
    • Testing of raw materials: for instance, our product development tests the suitability of substitute raw materials in the customer’s recipe
    • product testing: The product development team experts, who have passed sensory evaluation training, test and report on the food products out on the market, to quicken and ease the customer’s acquisition decisions
    • recipe development: Development of recipe ideas or new recipes while taking into account, for example, special diets and nutritional aspects
  • Nutrition specialist services
    • nutritional consulting on recipes and menus
  • Development and training services
    • menu design and consulting
    • concept development
    • systematisation of the product development process
    • product development and training
    • training in, for example, nutrition and special diets
    • operative systematisation of professional and central kitchens
  • Consumer insight
    • customer satisfaction surveys
  • Food Service studies
  • Quality and food safety
    • e.g. drafting and reviewing a self-inspection plan
    • kitchen risk management
    • quality systems
    • training in, for example, self-inspection and allergen control
  • Contract manufacture and packaging
    • e.g. production and packaging of a beverage tailored to your company

Food Service team

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