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Before you start the actual product development process, or at least in the initial stages of development, you should research how the new concept would be received in the market in order to ensure that product development is steered in the right direction right from the get-go. Through research, we will find out the principal benefit the product would bring to the consumer, how it should be conveyed and what should be considered in the product development.

It is possible to include the consumer in development right from the start. Through Foodwest’s digital Omenakori research platform, our customer companies’ product development can gain insight into daily consumer habits, even 24/7 if needed. A concept development project may begin at the conceptualisation stage and last all the way to the product launch, or it can be focused on a specific stage of the innovation process. During such projects, consumers can evaluate and refine alternative product concepts, pre-developed samples, packaging solutions, designs and planned marketing communications, among other things. Implementation can also be done in the Food Service environment.

By using Foodwest’s own Omenakori community research platform, you gain unique insights into the daily life of the consumer. Omenakori is a private online community where appropriate target groups for customer projects are recruited from the Foodwest consumer panel. Conversations are had and different tasks are performed in the online community during the study period. The conversations are moderated by Foodwest’s researchers, but customer company representatives have a chance to follow and join the community at any point in time. The approach is qualitative in nature, but quantitative qualities may also be implemented as necessary.

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